Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Biology 101

As promised here's the first of several things "purchased" for next year.
 Biology 101, from Westwood Studios, is something I've actually looked at and "planned" on for a couple of years now.  It's a biology curriculum really for the whole family but includes a plan for high school credit.  It includes 9 DVD segments teaching biology following the days of Biblical Creation. Topics include classification, plants, aquatic creatures, avian creatures, land animals, humans, cells, genetics and a history of biology.  I really like that this biology DOES include some human anatomy as it's doubtful we have time or interest for a full year course in this.

cover of Biology 101 DVD setWe'll be using the 114 page guidebook (text) with quizzes as well as using the 12 page guide for high school credit though I will be modifying this somewhat.  The guide is a no frills spine that gives you "just the facts" and allows you to then explore in depth the parts you want to.  I love this idea for high schoolers.  It frustrates me to find so many high school curriculum that "spoon feed" information instead of teaching and encouraging these mature students to dig out their own data.  We will not be teaching to a test in this course but actually learning and hopefully having fun doing so!

We are going to be offering this as part of our local homeschool co-op so I hope to have several other students join my daughters in this endeveor.  Each week we plan to discuss and share our individual findings on that weeks subject.

Rainbow carries two, this one matches the topics better
I am adding a bit to what they "recommend" for high school credit.  For instance they don't have any actual "dissections" in their guide but we're going to do at least two together.  It's easy enough to add in and gives the students experience in dissection if they decide to pursue higher science later.  Right now I'm thinking we'll do a worm and a frog.  These are on my list to price out while I'm at the Midwest convention this weekend.

Another resource I'm adding to our requirements is a biology color-book.  I've found one at Rainbow Resource that looks good and I'll be checking it out this weekend too.  My girls both like to draw and color and I've always found that forcing yourself to spend the time coloring these detailed models of cells, body systems etc... helps you be more familiar with the parts of them with little effort in memorizing.

With this course I'm excited about teaching Biology next year!

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