Friday, April 19, 2013

Eggs are back!

One of the side effects of being so busy lately is that we get over run with eggs!  I don't blog about it much but our children show chickens for fair so we have chickens of many varieties and at certain times of the year, lots of eggs! 

Another side effect of being gone so much lately is that I haven't blogged as much.  Real life always takes priority and with two 4 day trips to Ohio all within 14 days and another trip to Ann Arbor plus trying to fit a bit of work into the mix to pay for previously mentioned trips well the blog takes last place as it should.  So we'll get back to Friday focus, Tincture series, curriculum for next year and more but we may press the pause button!

With the week we've had I decided today NOT to go workout for two hours and have a more restful morning.  Part of that slower morning included an awesome Eggs Benedict breakfast which is a great use of extra eggs before we hit school hard (making up for lost days!)  It's one of our favorite (although I admit not healthiest) breakfasts!  Our two exclusively Vegan (no-animal protein) eaters were not at home for this breakfast!

Eggs Benedict

English Muffins (2 1/2s per person)

Poached Eggs (2 per person)


Simply toast eggs, place poached eggs on top, you can add a slice of grilled ham under the egg (we don't but it's traditional) and cover with sauce and a sprinkle of paprika.  My kid don't think it's complete without the sprinkle of paprika though it really doesn't add much except color.

Sauce Recipe-  Here's the star of the dish!

1 stick butter or margarine melted

3 egg YOLKS only

1 T. lemon juice

Melt the butter in pan, whisk in beaten egg yolks and lemon over low heat.  It will almost immediately thicken.  Be sure to keep whisking as it does.  You want a creamy almost gravy like consistency.  Once batch will top 4-6 halves, depending on how generous you are with the sauce.


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