Friday, May 24, 2013

Check out Bair Lake

If you do end up at Bair Lake this summer be sure to say "hi" to Logan, my oldest.  He's the waterfront directer up there this summer.  This will be his 3rd year on senior staff.  He loves it!

Saturday May 25th from 12-5 you'll get just a glimpse of what it's like.  For the full experience I highly recommend family camp.  It's a great way to spend "fun" time together with your family in a safe environment.  I always loved it because so much of my "family time" at home is always cooking, cleaning, working and reminding my children to do those things.  At camp that is done for you so you can concentrate on enjoying your family!

Rockets from Family Camp 2008

Tomorrow Bair Lake Bible camp in Jones MI is having a free fun day.  This camp has been such a special place for us over the years I'd love for you to check it out and see why! 
Lexie shooting in 2008, she's moved up from BB's

I'm not sure which activities they'll have open tomorrow but over the years we've enjoyed swimming (lake and pool), boating (kayak's and canoes), tubing, zip lines, rock walls, mini golf, volleyball, and lots more! 

2008 Chris and Ariel at our family camp picnic by the lake
Ariel will likely end up working there several weeks this summer.  She's hoping to work as a day camp counselor or lifeguard but she'll take anything.  She loves to be there too!

Though I won't be there as much, have to live in the real word most of the time, I will be cooking at least one week this summer.

Working at camp is such a great experience.  If you have children old enough I highly recommend checking into it.  I have great memories of the one summer I got to spend at Bair Lake life guarding many, many years ago!  Our kids actually prefer to work at camp as to be campers for the week.  They have all got a chance to be youth campers at least once.  Most of them I think have twice but they enjoy having fun and serving.  That just warms a moms heart!

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