Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dandelion Jelly

We made Dandelion Jelly several years ago and it was a big hit.  My kids actually referred to it as mock honey.  The taste is similar.  One of the problems however with Dandelion Jelly is that once you make it you don't have enough dandelions again for a few years!  Or you may see that as an added benefit, you chose.

My finished jars, and some for NOW!
The recipe I followed before was from a newsletter I used to receive that is no longer published.  I have all the back issues copied into binders but I was not feeling like digging through them so I just used my search button.  What I came up with was a recipe which seems similar if not identical to the original I used.

Simply Canning has not only the recipe but great step by step instructions so I'll let you see for yourself.  My only change is that I find it much easier to pinch off the green stems with your fingernail than to use scissors as she shows.  You'll see what I mean once you get started.  Check it out in detail with this link

Oh, one other note worth mentioning.  It looks rather liquid when you put it into jars but it does set after it's canned and cooled.  She doesn't say that anywhere and it's worth noting so that you don't worry.

What I also loved about finding this recipe was the site it's on.  This site has lots about canning with detailed instructions and pictures and it's all free.  Sure, there are some ads on the side for products but the information she gives you in each section is incredible.  The lady who does the site is named Sharon and she's a homeschool mom to boot!  What could be better?

I was only able to do one batch:  Not enough dandelions for more and certainly not enough patience to keep plucking the heads off more.  Seems like last time I did this I had much more help!  That would be because it's no longer a novelty and my kids are all teens now.  Gone are the days with much more willing help!  I could force them but it's just not the battle I want to chose.

My one batch I'm hoping will make nice little thank you gifts.  I was thinking especially of when we stay in host homes for our speech and debate season.  We shall see if they last that long!

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