Thursday, May 2, 2013

Garden time finally!

While life has still been pretty busy around here and I'm not quite back to my normal blogging routine I have found some time for puttering in the garden.  Actually, I need to do a little more than putter but I was excited to get something started.

The most exciting news this year was I have asparagus coming up!  I have never tried asparagus as you have to wait 2 years to harvest but after my kids have picked asparagus for a farmer from our church I learned a little more and was willing to try.  Never having really looked into it I assumed you'd get one asparagus from a plant.  Once my kids started picking I learned that every 2-3 days there is another one!  Yippee!  This makes all the difference.  You can almost watch this stuff grow.

I planted 12 plants but I think a couple didn't make it so I should probably plant twelve more and wait the year out again before you get any results.  So far I've only had enough for 4-6 stalks every other day or so but hey, it's a start!

The other things coming up really well is the rhubarb.  It's taken my several years really to develop nice large rhubarb clumps but now I have about 6 nice size clumps that give us enough for the season to make jams, pies, etc... and store a few bags in the freezer.

I did get a few beds ready and planted a few seeds this week too.  I put in radishes, rainbow chard, onion sets, blood turnips and a baby type green (can't remember the name right now.)  Hopefully my seeds will have success in sprouting.
wild yarrow just coming up

One of my favorite things I found coming up in it's usual wild patch at the edge of our woods is my yarrow.  I do have some in the garden but these wild patches are such a blessing!  I love when I have to do nothing and can gather all the yarrow I need for my favorite herbal antibiotic!

I've got some roma cherry seedlings and basil seedlings started in the house.  I need to get some more things started inside this week.  A little late I know but man has it been busy lately!

So hopefully you are all enjoying the nice weather and getting your seeds started too!

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