Saturday, June 15, 2013

Curriculum for next year

It's become somewhat of a tradition for me to do a blog on "what I'm using next year".  Some years I've got it out late but this year I'm getting it out there perhaps even a bit early.  This gives you
an idea of what you might expect to see "blogged about" in the coming months.

History- We're again back to Mystery of History book II for the girls 2nd time though (1st time through this one they were probably 1st/2nd for Lex and 3rd/4th for Ariel.)  I love that this curriculum is so rich and has varied older/younger activities that you can get a really good "second" round.  In fact my girls liked using Mystery of History I last year for the second time so much that they specifically requested we do it this year for book two.  They liked it so much we'll be doing it without supplementing quite as much.  Last year I "picked and chose" from a couple sources for our "spine".  This next year we'll stick more with solid MOH per their request.

Biology 101 DVDScience- We'll be using Biology 101, adding some labs and the Biology color book.  I've blogged on these somewhat already.  This one I'll be teaching at our co-op.  Lexie is really looking forward to it, Ariel not so much.  Personally, I'm excited about it and think it's going to be a great way to do biology!

Money Matters Workbook for Teens, Ages 15-18   -     
        By: Larry Burkett, Todd Temple
Language Arts- We of course are once again using our favorite curriculum, Total Language Plus.  We're also planning to do these as part of our co-op.  Ariel will be doing Scarlet Pimpernel, Lord of the Flies and The Scarlet Letter.  Lexie will be doing Julie of the Wolves, King of the Wind and Witch of Blackbird Pond.  We find with adding in all the writing of speeches and cases for debate that three TLP guides makes a complete year credit for them. 

Math- This year math will look very different for us. Lexie will be doing Algebra I at our co-op with another mom teaching it.  They are using Math-U-see Algebra I.  Ariel will be doing some consumer math with her Dad.  They are using Larry Burkett's Money Matters for Teens book and workbook.  After working with the girls on Pre-Algebra and Algebra the last two years I'm thrilled to take it off my teaching plate!
So what else?

We'll once again be doing Speech and Debate.  It looks like we'll have a good size team this year so that will be fun. 

Ariel is taking a drawing class and choir in our first co-op trimester.  She's been missing singing so I'm sure she'll enjoy that this year.

Lexie is registered for the writing workshop in our co-op and hopes to continue working on her creative writing.  

We will also attempt to finish The Art of Argumentation this year.  It's been an excellent companion to speech and debate.  We only work on it once a week and every so often miss a week so we only did about 1/2 of it last year.

I also picked up a fun geography book that I might try to squeeze in.  It's something we'd do just once a week.  It's not really a curriculum per se but a fun "color" book with facts written for adults.  I'll probably explain more in a blog just on that once I look it over more and decide if it;s a this year or next year thing.

So there you have it...our studies for the 2013/2014 year.  So what will you be studying?

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