Friday, June 7, 2013

New Advanced Pre-Med Studies

sorry for the blur I couldn't grab a clear image

I'm at a convention right now and unfortunately woke up way too early, noisy hotel and time difference contributed but it lets me catch up on computer work!

Last night I just came across a brand new product that my youngest daughter I think will love.  It's put out by Master Books.  Combining four separate books and adding lesson plans, worksheets and tests they've put out a complete Advanced Pre-Med study for 10-12 graders! It was only $48.99. That's not the only new one.  They've added the lesson materials to several others and have MANY choices for the Jr. High level and a few high school I think.

The pre-med for high school contains They History of Medicine, Body by Design, The Genes of Germs and Building Blocks in Life Science.

I have not had a chance to pour over it yet as I just picked it up last night so may blog later in more detail but we've used their books before and enjoyed them.  We did some of their fossil and geology ones with the boys when they were younger but it was just reading the books as there was not the curriculum to go with.

When we did Chemistry we also used their  Exploring the World of Chemistry book.  Taylor even based much of his science fair exhibit on metals from that book. 

So, again, probably a more detailed review later but if you are at a convention soon check out the new stuff at Master books!  Very fun.  I go to so many conventions these days there is usually not much I haven't seen before so it was an exciting find for me!

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