Monday, July 22, 2013

Garden this year

Well, how does your garden grow this year?  Thankfully I can say mine is MUCH better than last year!

As always my biggest challenge is keeping up on weeding.  My other biggest challenge is getting all my cardboard laid on the paths and topping it with either straw or wood chips.  It's a lot of work and by the time I weed everything else it seems I'm always too tired to continue!

But those things aside, vegetables are growing!  Yesterday I even ate the first cucumber.  They are doing well this year so it looks like we'll have lots of pickles for Lexie!  We saved two jars from last year (made in Sept.) for fair in case we didn't have much again this year.  Last year I had to buy enough cucumbers to get her pickles.

We picked the first cabbage last week and made cole slaw.  I'm planted seeds in it's place, hopeful for a fall harvest.  I need to pick the rest later this week and probably do some sauerkraut.  If you missed the previous blogs on cole slaw and sauerkraut, check them out.

This year the raspberries have done the best ever but I still find I need more!  Can you ever have enough raspberries?   We've done fresh raspberry pie (see the blog on strawberry pie, same recipe just substitute raspberries for strawberries and raspberry jell for the strawberry jello), jam of course (plain raspberry, raspberry rhubarb and mixed berry (blackberry and raspberry) and the best way of course to eat raspberries: raspberries in milk with a little sugar!  Divine!  Can you tell I'm a HUGE fan of raspberries?

Tomatoes are coming along but not quite ready yet.  My roma cherry are even coming along.  I had started those from seed and they just "stopped" growing for awhile but they have finally kicked in and look healthy though they'll be late.

Each year it seems some things go better than others.  This year I don't have nearly as much cilantro.  Planted my pea pods that I love and only one plant came up (seeds must have been bad.)  The Chard isn't doing as well this year. It's staying kind of puny but I still have hope for lots of cut up leaves in the freezer to add to soups this winter.  We'll see.

So what are you growing this year?

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