Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer reading for Mom

Just wanted to let you all know that Bulk Herb Store is having a summer reading sale.  The deal is simply, buy four or more books and get $10 off.  Can't seem to find a link to share but the flyer I got with my order said to tell all your friends so here you go.  The code to put in at check out is BOOKWORM and it ends at the end of July so hurry.


I rarely "buy" books as I prefer to borrow.  A few years ago I made the resolve that we will not get another book shelf in the school area!  We just have too many.  That's not even taking into account my husbands many shelves of mostly historical military and Christian stash.  But these books I picked up are ones I want to have on hand for reference and reading.


As you might imagine one of the books I chose was a canning book.  Yep, I love canning books with "different" recipes and ideas. This one is called, Put 'em Up by Sherri Books Vinton.  Mind you, I've only hand these books a couple of weeks but already just the pectin chart in the front has inspired me to change the way I do jam!  She has a chart in the beginning section of the book which lists each fruit as either high, low or medium pectin.  Knowing that makes a huge difference for me and gives me greater flexibility in canning.Put 'em Up!

For instance it lists Rhubarb as high pectin.  This means I can through in some Rhubarb with lower pectin fruits and berries to help them "jel" and have a quicker better result.  I love my Strawberry Rhubarb jam which I've shared already this year so with this new knowledge I thought why not try Raspberry Rhubarb.  Raspberry is a low pectin berry so it could use a little help.  I tried it and it turned out beautiful. 


Put 'em up is not just a book with strictly canning recipes.  Once of the other recipes it includes for several fruits is Agua Fresca and in the case of the one I tried, Cucumber Agua Fresca.  It's basically juicing cucumbers, adding a little sugar and lime and serving over ice or with seltzer.  This drink comes from Mexico and I think actually the hotel we stayed at while in Mexico offered a Mango and Watermelon version for lunch.  It's kind of like lightly flavored water.


 One last thing on Put 'em Up, it's also on sale for July.  Use coupon code JULPUT and get it for $13.97 instead of $19.95.


The next book I chose is called, Be Your Own "Doctor" by Rachel Weaver.  I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite go to books for home remedies and herbs.  So far we've not been able to try a lot of the advice but the one thing we have tried worked exactly like the book claimed.  After trying MANY, MANY often expensive things one member of our family has finally cured warts.  The simple cure, Apple Cider vinegar!  You put it on a cotton ball and band-aid it to the wart.  In a day or two it gets red and tingles (just like the book said) and a couple days later it turns black and falls off (just like the book said.) 

Some of the things in this one I knew or had read already but what is nice about this book is she many times shares a real life story of how the remedy worked for someone.  Some books like the one I'm coming to next often say something like, "If I had this I would try..."  I like that Rachel doesn't give you things to "try" but things that have worked.  Being a mother of 9 and "practicing" these things for 30 years gives a big recommendation.


Next on my list was one I picked up for reference.  It's called The Green Pharmacy by James Duke, Ph.D.  It will serve as just that for me, a reference.  You've got an issue, say asthma, fungal infection, tooth decay etc... you look up that issue and see what advice he gives.  He does give some personal experience but has a lot more of the "I would try..." type sentences.  Often he does say things like following so and so's advice or agreeing with so and so who wrote...  So it is good to know that other "experts" agree.   It has good consistent herbal information and it will be a great reference.


Last of my four is a book that I thought might be helpful for my husband.  It's called Healthy Bones & Joints by David Hoffmann B.S., F.N.I.M.H. (whatever all those initials mean!?!?!)  So far I've not been as impressed with this one.   I need to give it a closer look and will try some of the things but much of it I already have information on (like the 45 pages of going through each herb recommended and it's properties and uses.)  If you don't already have that it would be great but I keep my own notebook and have much of that already. 


I was mostly interested in Rheumatoid arthritis and Gout.  There are only a few pages specifically on these, I was hoping for more.  There are tincture recipes for both that I will probably try for my husband eventually and who knows maybe they will be miracle cures and then I'll think it's the best book ever; too soon to tell on this one.


So hope you are also enjoying some time this summer to read and add to your knowledge to benefit you family! Comment and let me know what you're enjoying reading this summer!  Don't forget if you like these type of books to take advantage of the sale.  Think my total was just over $50 for all 4.  Not bad for some really substantial books.

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