Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tincture Series-Sore Throat

This is one that I just used myself earlier this summer.  My husband had been to the Dr. for a severe sore throat.  He doesn't always take my tinctures.  They did a strep test which was negative but gave him anti-biotics anyway because they were concerned with how swollen his glands. 

Wouldn't you know it my throat started to hurt just a little: You know that kind of scratchy feeling, especially first thing in the morning or late at night.  As soon as I feel any kind of pain I start taking my tinctures.  Took my sore throat tincture for 3-4 days, 2-3 times a day and never came down with the sore throat.  Had a "tinge" for a day or two but that was it! 

As those of you know who read regularly I like to use herbs I can grow.  For this tincture I put a lot of different herb in.  I took every herb I had that would help a sore throat and added it in.  The only two that I don't grow on this list are Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm.  Those I had on hand already purchased from Bulk Herb Store. 

Please remember, I'm only sharing what has worked for me.  I'm not a Dr. or anything so decide for yourself what is right for you and your family.

Here is what I include in my sore throat tincture:
Marshmallow Root
Slippery Elm
Red Clover
Bee Balm

If you've never made a tincture check out my yarrow article which includes how it's done.  For adults I do 3 droppers full 3 times a day.

Let me highlight a few of these individually.

Thyme-Besides loving the flavor of this one it actually reduces mucus and relieves sore throat and coughs.  It's even effective for whooping cough.  Cautions on this one are to use sparingly (not for long term use) and not during pregnancy as it can be a uterine stimulant.

Echinacea- This one is pretty well known and is included her for it's immune stimulant properties.  It is one of the best herbs for bacterial and viral infections.  No known warnings on this one.

Mullein- This is another one of my favorites and does wonders for mucus in my opinion!  This one is a remedy for cough, hoarseness and is also listed as effective for whooping cough.  It has anti-inflammatory properties as well as a pain killer.  Only warning here is that the leaves can irritate some people.

Echinacea flower

Sage- The first thing this one says is , "it could almost be a cure all".  It soothes coughs and swollen glands among other things.  The warnings on this one are for nursing women-it may suppress milk and not to take large amounts while pregnant as it could be a uterine stimulant.  Use only for a short period of time as it could lead to intestinal disturbance over time.  Epileptics should also avoid as it can trigger convulsions for those with that condition.

Keep in mind all drugs have warnings as well.  Often I laugh when people say they are afraid to take herbs when they take prescription drugs.  Have you read the warnings you get with prescriptions lately?  Just saying... Whether it's prescriptions or herbs be an informed consumer and make your own choices.

As you can see it's good to research yourself and make sure the herb is right for you.  I use medicinal herb info and find all the information I need.  As I've said before I also print and keep a notebook of the herbs I have on hand so that I can check them for easy reference.  All the above information was taken from medicinalherbinfo.org.

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