Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fair time again

If you've never thought about fair as one of the greatest tools to get your kids learning, think again!  We have "used" fair for years as a tool to inspire our kids to learn and create.  After all, where else can you get paid for writing as story, knitting a scarf, canning pickles or showing off your chickens?

It may be too late to get your kids working on projects to enter this year but it's a great time to still take in a fair and let your kids see what kinds of things they could do for next year.  Fair time is always when my kids have come up with, "I'm gonna do THAT next year" or "I want THAT breed of bird next year."  It's a great time of inspiration.
Ariel washing and drying birds for fair

Over the years one of the keys for us is to keep fair on our minds year round.  I will admit some years we do better than others at this.  This means as we write poetry, do projects for school and just live life we set aside things that can be entered in fair.  To do this of course you must have some kind of idea about the type of things you can enter.  Most fairs now have online "fair books" so browse away, even if it's from this summer it will be essentially the same for next year.

Lexie's nightgown she made for fair
My other biggest tip for fair is to be pleased with your project yourself and not get to hung up on the critique it gets.  If you place well it can be a huge encouragement but if you don't it can be discouraging.  At our fair we've found certain categories that are very subjective and in our opinion don't reward quality work.  We try to stay away from those areas as much as we can and if we do enter in those I remind the kids not to care about the rating they get.

So if you're in the area be sure to check out Berrien County fair next week.  You can find us most days near the poultry barn and see other exhibits our kids have put in scattered around the different buildings! 

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