Monday, September 9, 2013

First day of school

For most of you the first day of school is probably history but today is the day for us.  We took a "buffer" week last week and I'm so glad we did.

August was crazy busy with fair and a family trip to Rhode Island so we felt like we weren't really home much and it wasn't just a "feeling", it was true.  We could have started last week but we really didn't need to.
1st day putting binders together

It's funny how God works that out.  All week while
we were in Rhode Island visiting family the girls kept saying, "let's have a buffer week".  I secretly told my husband we probably would but I wasn't saying so yet.  As soon as I came home and took a look at the computer with all our syllabi and plans the decision was clear.  We could EASILY have a "Buffer week".

It's another reason I love our co-op so much!  We don't start co-op till Sept. 18th so that means those subjects don't really start until one week before (some of the classes have things due on the first day, some don't.)  These meant there really wasn't that much we HAD to get started on till this week! 

Last week we were able to get the house back in order (well okay, at least some), do some canning, get a monthly cooking in and most importantly not feel so rushed on starting school.

So once again, today is a day to praise God for the flexibility homeschool gives us!  It's what's right for the family!

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