Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Julie of the Wolves with Total Language Plus

For the second edition of "what are we doing this year" I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite studies from TLP, Julie of the Wolves.  This one is for the 6-8th grade set though the first time I did it our whole family 2nd grade to 8th grade did at least portions of it together.  For this go around we had planned to do it as part of our co-op but only my daughter and her best friend Hannah signed up so we're moving it to my house and they are just doing it together.

I'm not sure why the class didn't go as last year we had 8 or so kids in that age group for TLP.  My guess is it may have to do with scheduling as choir is offered the same hour and several of the kids who took the TLP's last year signed up for choir this year.  I'm excited though because it offers us the opportunity to have a bit more flexibility and do some of the fun stuff that doesn't fit as well in the co-op class setting.

The first time we did this book we added quite a bit and turned it into a unit study.  You can find the blog I wrote at that time with the added information here.  We followed the Idtarod as part of our study, did some drawing and art, as well as doing many of the recommended projects from the TLP guide.

This time we won't go quite that far but I am hoping to add in a few extra projects that we might not have done at the co-op.

The two reports we have on the schedule to do with Julie of the Wolves are on Lemmings and Eskimos.  Doing the book the first time we were completely fascinated by these creatures called Lemmings that we had never heard of.  I'm hoping the girls will find them interesting as well this time.  Here's the wiki link if you're interested.  They are known as suicidal rodents.  Because Julie is part of the Eskimo culture and actually a brothrol/marriage custom plays a part of the story it would be interesting as well to look into the Eskimo Culture. 

There are many projects to chose from with TLP but we chose to focus on report writing this time as that's what I felt this group of kids needed right now.  I love that using TLP as your Language Arts curriculum you have the flexibility to pick and chose what your kids need!

The book Julie of the Wolves is a very well written descriptive story of how a young girl goes and actually lives with the Wolves.  It's interesting to see how she observes the pack and figures out which wolf plays various roles.  Nature and Animal lovers will be enthralled.

If you search online for review of Julie of the Wolves you will undoubtedly find someone commenting that it isn't appropriate and there is domestic violence.  I actually quoted the paragraph they are referring to in my earlier blog on this so if you want to read it for yourself click on the above that says, "blog I wrote..."  First time we read the book my kids said, "he was mean" and we kept reading, no big deal.  See for yourself.

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