Monday, November 11, 2013

Last chance for gather fresh tincture ingredients

Calendula patch
Calendula flower
Just a few weeks ago before the first frost I wanted to be sure and get the last of my homegrown herbs collected and into jars to re-stock on my tincture supply.  Over the summer we actually ran out of our sore throat tincture and I know we'll need more yarrow for sure.  So with Camera in hand, let's see what we found to gather!

These first two shots are of calendula. This is a  plant that comes back year after year.  I don't use "tons" of this one so I don't often collect as much as I grow.  I let some flowers simply go to seed.  Each spring I find it popping up in several places.  You'll find many saves that call for this.  It's a good skin condition type healer.  This one does boost your immune so use with caution if you have anto-immune issues.

Basil bead
The next picture is of my basil bed.  Though it's not in top condition right now we had a decent year.  Basil loves hot conditions and the cool July/August this year didn't have it popping out quite like last summer.  It has stayed longer into the fall however, though not producing much.  I use this herb both for medicinal and cooking however much more for cooking.  Love the smell.  It can be used as part of a cough tincture for an antispasmodic.

This year I didn't have any Mullein growing.  It's wild in our woods but I'm not sure if I over picked (which I'm careful to try NOT to do) or if conditions just weren't right?  I did have a small pouch of dried I had to use this year in the tinctures I was making.   Mullien is excellent for mucus so I put it in my congestion tincture.

We go through so much yarrow that I of course had to restock that tincture.  This time of year the flowers are dried up but I did have new green shots to be found.

So with my last of the herbs picked I started my tinctures to re-stock before winter hits!

I've got brewing, sore throat, cough, congestion, yarrow and comfrey tinctures.  Just a few weeks and it will be time to drain and bottle my winter supply.

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