Monday, November 18, 2013

Power Outage top 10 list

Well, we lost our power Sunday night and from what I've heard many around the Midwest lost that or more.  I say "heard" because without power we weren't watching much, which brings me to the topic at hand.  What to do when the power goes out?

This the season with the (dare I say it) snow coming.  Who remembers the infamous 78/79 year that is ALWAYS referred to?  As the years go by I find we are more "dependent" on electronics and "feel" the power loss more profoundly.

One change this time for us is the lack of home phone.  This is the first time since we changed over to Comcast for our phone, so when the power/router is out so is the phone.  Of course we have our cell phones with limited batteries.  

So here's the top 10 things gleaned from this power outage.  Some might be useful to you and some are just plain observations!

#10 It's a great time to sort out the magazine rack

#9 The oil lantern isn't as bright as I remember it being

#8 Once the storm passes leave the "emergency pictures of water" filled for the rest of the day (our power went out an hour AFTER the storm passed.)  We hadn't dumped the tub (for flushing toilets) yet!

#7 Nooks (and other readers) ARE MUCH easier to read from with the limited light

#6 Check to make sure all the windows are CLOSED (kids...we lost about 10 degrees downstairs on this one.)

#5 Duct tape the refrigerator so no one forgets (this worked well, we had no opps!)

#4 Scattergories is fairly easy to play in limited light

#3 It's much easier to get 8 hours sleep (or more!)

#2 Kids get very restless without electronics

#1 We spent more hours in one room ALL together than we probably had since being trapped together on a 15 hour car ride!

Was it horrible, no, but then again it was just slightly less than 24 hours.  Glad it didn't get to the refrigerator cleaning 24 hours, that would have been a whole different set of top 10 tips/observations!

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