Friday, November 15, 2013

Speech and Debate this year

How time is flying by!  It is already into November and I haven't had a chance to blog about speech and debate yet!

This year we are once again doing speech and debate as part of our co-op and I get the joy of coaching the team.  Of all the subjects I teach I really do get the most thrill out of coaching speech and debate.  The students just progress so much in so many ways, it's very rewarding and never gets boring.  We do class weekly at our Wednesday co-op and then once a month we meet on Friday night for a longer session so we can spar and do more extended length activities.  So far this year I'm pleased with this type of schedule.

Our Alumni helped earlier this year, Taylor and Stu demonstrating LD
My own girls this year are doing both speech and debate.  For Lexie it will be her first time debating in Team Policy though she's done speech for two years now.  Ariel will for the first "full" season be trying out Lincoln Douglas style.  She got the opportunity to do it at one tournament last year and wants to give it a full run this year.  I think it was a wise move and she'll not only do well but grow in her thinking and speaking skills much more in this style. 
Ariel in a practice Apologetic s round

We have a great team this year with about a dozen students.  It's always more fun when you get to go to the tournaments as a team.

Last Friday night we had our first "practice" where they each got to experience their first full rounds and see how their cases they wrote stacked up.  It was exciting to see how much more professional they became when actually giving their speeches.  Lexie seemed so grown up to me!

This year our resolutions revolve around changing the united states election laws for the Team Policy and if National Security should be valued higher than Freedom of the Press for Lincoln Douglas.  The topics make for very interesting discussions, especially the Lincoln Douglas one this year I think.  For a complete wording and more information on the resolutions see the NCFCA site.

We'll be doing lots more research, practice and preparing before we attend our first tournament!

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