Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's thinking

Not always at the turn of the New Year but from time to time I have often pondered these questions:  What brings me joy?  What sucks the life right out of me?  Usually it’s after a time of extreme busyness or frustration.  While I’m not sure I’ve just gone through one of THOSE times, it has been a very strange year and I’m really ready for a new, hopefully better one.  
My new Curtains that make the room pretty!

With those questions I literally make a list.  I love lists by the way, always have.  Once I have the list made I try to find ways to put more of the Joy items into my life and either eliminate (if possible) or minimize as much as possible the life draining items.

Give it a try, you just may find things that you didn’t know you appreciated so much and conversely things you do all the time that really drain you and can be removed.

I won’t share my “suck the life out of me” list but I will share some of my Joy items to maybe give you ideas to get you started.

Things that bring me JOY (in no particular order, that comes later…)
  • Creating- I love having made a project and seeing it come together.  For Christmas I made my mom an apron and my aunt and uncle a corn bag.  That was it this year but it reminded me of how much JOY it brings me to accomplish a project!

  • A clean house-It just makes me feel good to enjoy a completely clean, de-cluttered room.  

  • A pretty Room- I just picked up new curtains for the living room (on clearance, another thing that brings me JOY!) to replace ones that had a few rips from the dog.  I just love what it does for the room.  It’s so pretty and makes me feel peaceful and happy to see them on the windows.  It was just a reminder that I love the rooms we’ve got finished the way we want them.

  • Good days with the kids-Times when I get to have good conversations and work on things that are fruitful.  Sometimes it conversations in the car or working on writing their speeches or papers but I love to see them emerge into these thinking young adults!

  • Vacations- I love going places and spending lots of non-pressured time “doing” things together.  I love vacations with just my husband and with the whole family!

  • Time with my journal- I like to read the Bible, pray and note things in a notebook.  It makes me feel good.  Sometimes just for the fact that yes, I crossed it off my list for the day but also for the record I can look back and see where I’ve been and where I’m going.

  • Growing things- There is nothing like eating things that you’ve grown from seed or going out in your own garden to pick a bowl of raspberries.  It’s one of those “priceless” things to me.
  •  Cooking at Bair Like Bible Camp-There is something about serving that fills you up.  At camp the staff and campers are so appreciative it makes it PURE JOY to serve them!  We do it together as a family (or portion of our family) and have a blast experiencing it together.
So there you go…I may add some more but you get the idea.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas to get your list started.  Now to brainstorm how to get more of these things in my life this next year!

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  1. Working out yesterday I remembered exercise and losing weight. Those bring me joy, at least the results do!