Thursday, January 2, 2014

Breakfast Blizzard

To kick off our healthy New Year I thought I'd start it off right with a nutritious breakfast idea.  Around here most of us are not typically hungry right away and several of us routinely work out and don't want a big heavy breakfast most days.  I got this recipe years ago from my friend Chris Richards when I stayed at her home in Florida.  She made it for breakfast and I thought it was fabulous.

This Breakfast Blizzard packs in good things (mostly fruit) and is easy to have on hand to make.  That's what I love about it.  You can keep a large container of yogurt on hand which keeps well in the fridge for several weeks and have cans of fruit cocktail on hand and you're good to go.  For the juice, use what you have.  Today I actually used Crystal Light orange sunrise drink (prepared with water.)  If you're concerned about sweeteners you won't like this option but I like the zero calories it adds.

Without the juice the recipe is approximately 120 calories per 2 cups.  If you're adding most "lite" juices like cran-apple, grape, apple etc... add about 30 calories per 2 cups making it a whopping 150!  If you want to add orange juice add about 40 calories per 2 cups.  I can handle that.  These counts are based on using "lite" fruit cocktail and light yogurt (at 110 calorie per cup.)

Kids comments on this one, "Can we have this more often!"  (Lexie)

Breakfast Blizzard (makes 6 cups, 3 servings)
1 can lite fruit cocktail with juice
1 cup lite yogurt (use soy or almond if you want non-dairy)
1 cup fruit juice (orange, grape, even crystal light, you decide)
10 ice cubes
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend till a little frothy.  Pour in glass and enjoy!
Approximately 150 calories per 2 cups.

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