Saturday, January 25, 2014

Homeschool curriculum for next year

Seriously, I know it's only January but I've been contemplating our choices for next fall.  That's just how we roll around here.  Convention season will be here before you know it (starts in March for me) so it's time to start doing the preliminary research on what you need to get.

Here's what we're pondering:

For Lexie's Science -
Advanced Pre-Med Studies for High School- Actually this one is more than a pondering, it's already bought and she's excited to start it!  I found this last year at a convention.  It was brand new and since my daughter is considering a future in medicine it is a perfect choice to explore.  

Signs & Seasons Book, Field Journal and Test Manual PackFor Ariel's Science- Classical Astronomy Signs and Seasons- This is one we looked at last year while perusing the aisles and then when we went to the planetarium this fall at the creation museum the idea came up again.  Ariel briefly considered Chemistry 101 for next year because Biology 101 hasn't been "too bad" (Ariel's words there.) But so far at least Classical Astronomy is winning out, she just has more interest in the subject and thinks it will be cool.  Me too!
For History we might do (drum roll here) Mystery of History IV, that is if it's ready-  Everything I'm hearing and reading still says that MOH 4 will be ready in time to do this fall and if that is the case we really may jump in.  We are on our second time through book 2 this year so logically book 3 would be next, however we would love to jump ahead for a couple reasons.  First, experience has told me that the senior year gets trumped by college.  Both of my boys didn't do much at home and instead went forward with college.  That is all good but I would like to cover the closer to modern era a bit more thoroughly.  Why?  In some ways it has a lot more immediate relevance to today but also there are lots of useful illustrations for speech and debate to explore.  Almost all of our historical "evidence" we tend to use comes from this time period.  Things like WWII human rights atrocities, cold war "values", etc...

Understanding Geometry
Math for Lexie- Not positive on this one but pretty sure we'll be looking at Understanding Geometry by Critical Thinking company.  We looked at this before as an option for Ariel but she needed to get out of anything remotely traditional.  Lexie is having an intense year this year and is ready for a break (me too).  This Geometry done in one year is considered a high school credit and does go into proofs.


   Math for Ariel- We'll again be sticking with a more non-traditional route here and using Professor in a Box Financial Accounting.     I can't say that Ariel is excited about anything remotely to do with math but she is happier to be doing less traditional math.  This year she is doing fairly well on consumer math with Daddy and we're hoping accounting will be a useful and purposeful study for her rather than something she'll be frustrated with and see as useless.  My son Taylor who is currently clepping financial accounting is also using this course as additional study materials and finding it helpful.  It is supposed to be the equivalent of a college class.

American Literature: Poetry Study Guide For Language Arts- We have thought about Clepping some things for Ariel as she will be a Junior and I have no doubt with doing Total Language Plus all these years could quite easily Clep analyzing literature and composition.  She's however not so sure she wants to so we may do some more studies just for fun.  She's leaning toward American Literature poetry, it has Edgar Allan Poe which makes her want to do it!  I think she'll enjoy that one.  We're also contemplating Pride and Prejudice as well as The Good Earth, all from Total Language Plus, we'll see.

Hiding Place (The) NovelLanguage Arts for Lexie - For sure I would like her to do The Hiding Place with Total Language Plus.  If we get to do MOH IV this will be in the right time period for our history study too!  Beyond that we haven't decided yet.  We may do the Giver as I like all my kids to do that one and she hasn't yet.

What else...we're looking at an Economics course by R.C. Sproul Jr. that Timberdoodle offers.  We usually do Penny Candy and may stick with that but thought the Economics course which is on DVD might make a good co-op class.  I'm also trying to get them to work in the rest of their P.E. credits next year and get that over with.  Ariel is also trying to beg for her foreign language.  Daddy made a deal with her to see if she's serious, we'll see.  She wants to do Japanese and man are those disk pricey!

So what are you contemplating for next year?

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