Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Join me in 30 days of HEALTHY!

According to the #1 New Years resolution is losing weight and the #5 is Staying Fit and Healthy.  I'm guessing with statistics like those that many of you ready this whether you made a resolution or not would join in the wish to either lose weight or be fit and healthy.  

With the end of the Christmas season I'm so sick of junk food I can hardly stand it!  Talking with a couple of the kids we decided to have a healthy January.  We have called a moratorium on junk food!  This means no junk food that we buy or that the kids buy themselves in our house for January.  I'm going to be trying to make healthy meals for the month and keep lots of fruits and vegetables on hand.

So what does healthy mean to us? 

  • Lots more fruits and vegetables
  • Lower Calories when possible
  • Less meat 
  • More fish and seafood
  • Exercising
  • Less Dairy
 Your idea of healthy may be slightly different but we have found through much study and practical experience that meats overall make us feel sluggish and even for some of us it increases poor health at times.  Dairy is also a huge contributor for lots of poor health for a large segment of the American population.  This is the number one food allergen.  Some books to check out on these subjects would be Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, The China Study and The McDougall Program for Maximam Weight Loss.

My idea is to chronicle the recipes we use to try and achieve "30 days of HEALTHY" so if you'd like to join in or watch our adventure be sure to subscribe to the blog in the right hand columnComment and let me know what you think about healthy eating.

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