Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three things Thursday

Three-Things-Thursday Recently I changed some of the wording on my blog to say, "Welcome to the sometimes random posts of Gina Reynolds", so in honor of that change and to participate in my friend Heidi's theme for the day here we go with 3 random things.

To keep with the winter theme we having going around here (MI)I'm choosing 3 random winter things.

#1 Skating-Growing up my Dad used to flood our creek and we had a pretty nice skating rink every winter.  I remember spending literally hours skating.  We had a box of old skates and all the neighbor kids would come and skate too.  If you skated off the edge you sometimes go in the muck (the "water" there was probably only inches to maybe a foot at the deepest.)  I remember mastering figure eights and teaching myself to spins.  I'm sure they weren't all that good but we thought we looked like Dorthy Hamill.

#2 Snow houses-This is the first year in a long time around here where it might be possible to make the snow houses we used to make as kids.  My grandma's house seemed to be the best place for this and we'd tunnel into the snow and play for hours. I had my own house, my sister had hers and my brother had his too.  We'd take turns visiting each others and digging more.  

#3 Snowmobiling- My Dad had an old ski-do snowmobile that we'd run all around our property.  It was only about an acre but we had a little trail of sorts.  I was the oldest and allowed to drive it when I was probably 9 or 10.  I don't remember exactly but I do remember how we'd pile the neighbor kids on.  It wasn't unusual to be ridding 5-6 kids behind me.  We'd come in smelling like the snowmobile.  That gasoline and wet felt boot smell still makes me think of our old snowmobile.

Once when I was a bit older, maybe 13 or 14 we went snowmobiling with friends up north.  Because the old ski-do was the slowest I got it and was ridding single.  My Dad and his friend had newer faster ones and had my siblings ridding with them.  Off we went and almost right away they were way ahead of me.  I turned in the trail WAY behind them and keep going at full speed for about 15 minutes to try and catch them.  Finally I got mad that they left me so far behind like that and I turned around and drove back to the cabin we were staying at.  

When I got to the cabin everyone was so excited to see me.  They had everyone out looking for me, their "lost" daughter on a snowmobile.  When my Dad finally arrived in from search (along with many other fellow snowmobilers they'd enlisted) I don't think he heard the end of it all night from my Mom.  I was a little mad still that they'd left ME!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up this week, Gina! It was fun to hear a bit about your childhood winters!