Thursday, February 20, 2014

Accomplishing something-Pillow Shams

Last year one of my blog theme's was "focus Fridays".  Each Friday I had one of four "focuses" that I rotated between.  One of those was productivity. 

Productivity is one of those things that I think mom's, especially stay at home Mom's struggle with seeing accomplished.  The things we are doing are so important, especially eternally important, but in the here and now it can be frustrating. 

How many times do you wash clothes only to have to clean them again, clean the house, cook the meals, shop for the groceries etc...  All of these things that we regularly do tend to become undone rather quickly.  Now we do get to spend hopefully lots of time on shaping young hearts and guiding lives which will have lasting results though we can't always see it today.

One of the things I find great satisfaction in is creating and in this case (and many times) in sewing.  When I can get a project finished I have something tangible to show for my time and something that lasts and adds to our lives.  Yes, my new pillow and pillow shams can eventually be ruined but for a lot longer than the towels can stay clean I have a visible product of my labor!

I started these back in the January snow days a few weeks ago.  It started with an idea I saw for sewing the fabric squares onto a pillow.  First I made the pillow and then decided it was about time to have pillow shams to match my duvet cover I made years ago.  The heart pattern is called "gathering hearts".  In cleaning my sewing room (also on a snow day) I found plenty of left over scraps from my duvet cover project of probably 15 years ago.  (I remember buying the fabric when Taylor, who is now 18, was a baby!)  I used leftover squares of white on white I had for the background to give it the patchwork look.  Who wanted to go out in a snowstorm to buy fabric anyway?

So, whether you are a sewer, knitter, crocheter, painter or whatever, try to carve some time out to create and enjoy that sense of accomplishment someday soon!

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