Monday, May 19, 2014

Review of In Search of a Help Meet

Front CoverThis weekend while at the INCH convention in Lansing MI we picked up the book In Search of a Help Meet by Michael and Debi Pearl.   Because we are vendors we get to be in the hall before it opens so I was able to really "scan" the book before I bought it.

As a family we do believe in more of the courtship model on relationships but don't subscribe to the highly patriarchal or arranged marriage/betrothal type of teachings.  Because of this I tend to "pick and chose" as some materials on "courtship" can be quite over the top.  In marriage we believe the Bible teaches a "servant/leadership" model and any materials I give my children I want to support this.

While doing a lengthy "scan", (I basically skimmed the first 80 pages, page by page) I was encouraged by what I read.  There are some funny parts and he is very candid.  While reading it I thought, "this is something I think my boys might read."  It's not high "academics" but really an older "mentor" giving Biblical wisdom as well as sharing his and others mistakes and victories.

Yesterday I was able to sit out in the sunshine and read.  I read the entire book and can say I am even more impressed than I was from scanning.  It's not just a surface, here are a few verses and some advise, but contains really "practical" information.  There in an extensive section on basically what I would refer to as "considering your bent and hers".  Those are not the terms they use but it is really about how you're wired and considering what in a mate would be the best compliment. 

Highly recommend this one for any of you who have young men who are getting "ready" to chose their mate.  This isn't about dating, but rather for serious men who are already (or almost) ready.  By that I mean they have income, cars, house (or means to get one) etc...

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