Monday, June 16, 2014

Garden in $ents

While taking a break from my gardening work today I was perusing the Mother Earth News "Guide to Living on Less and Loving it!" magazine we picked up a few days ago.  One of the articles caught my attention, "Grow $700 of food in 100 square feet!"  Wow, that's a lot of money.  I know I save money by doing my garden but I also spend some on it which makes my husband not so sure sometimes of the "savings".  So I thought I'd take this idea and flesh it out here on the blog this summer.  HOW MANY $'S WORTH OF FOOD DOES MY GARDEN PRODUCE?

Well let's give it a go.

So far I've harvesting a small amount of asparagus which we've eaten raw or cut into stir fry's.  I'm going to estimate low since I didn't weigh it.  I'll count one and 1/2 pounds total though it might have been 2.

The Rhubarb has been going crazy, I've harvested twice already, enough for a pie, 9X13 crisp and 2 bags in the freezer.
Oregano about 2 weeks before I did a HUGE cutting!

Today I did a MAJOR cutting on the oregano and I'm dehydrating it as I type.  You can save so much on herbs, this might end up being my biggest "cash" crop as the oregano just grows and grows year after year.  You just have to not let it flower and you're good to go!

So for this first week I've got:
1.5 lbs of asparagus at 1.99 a pound 
4lbs of rhubarb at 1.99 a pound
16 oz of fresh oregano at 1.99 per ounce

That works out to $42.78 and really the harvest season hasn't even begun.  These are only my perennial type things.

I'm not sure I'll be able to keep this tracking up, but we'll see, I'll try.  I do really want to see how much my garden makes!

To be fair.  I have already spend a good amount this year on getting the garden going.  I spend $90 on wood and "dirt" for new tomato boxes (not a usual expensive, but it was an expense this year.)  Maybe I'll take pic's and show you those soon.  $40 on manure to "refresh" existing boxes since I didn't have enough compost, and lastly probably about $6 on a few seed packs on didn't have left from last year.  Oh, and another $5 for 1/2 a flat of greenhouse vegetable starts that I didn't grow from seed.  So total spent = $141.

So yes, right now my garden is costing us $98.22.  But VERY SOON I expect that to change!  Stay tuned....

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