Sunday, July 13, 2014

2nd entry of Garden in $ents

When I can remember to do it, keeping track of the harvest is kind of fun!  It sure does make you realize how much gets eaten and not accounted for.
some of the raspberries being weighed

I didn't record any of the amounts of strawberries as we prettying much got maybe 1 cup a day or every other day over about 2 weeks.  These were either eaten as picked or brought in the house in a cereal bowl and sat on the table to be eaten at will (mostly by Taylor.)  We really need to put in more strawberries so that we'd get more at a time to be able to really do something with them (like jam.)  One of the pickings we did end up mixing with some store bought for strawberry shortcake.

Here's what I did keep track of:
6oz Basil at $1.75 oz = 10.50
2 1/2 lbs of Rhubarb at $1.99 lb = $4.98
2lbs zucchini at .99 cents a pound = 1.98
10 oz Cilantro = $2.65
1lb 2 oz of pea pods at $1.59lb = 1.75
1lb 6 oz of oregano at .80 cents an ounce = $17.60
2 lbs 6 oz of raspberries $3lb = $7.13

So that makes the total since last time $46.59, plus the $42 from before, which I'm adjusting down to $22.96 (because I figured the oregano price too high)  is $69.55 so far that the gardens produced!  Taking the 69.55 from the $141 spent this year (as outlined in the last post) that makes me still $71.45 in the hole, but we're getting there!

A word on the prices.  I'm finding them where I can (local grocery ads, physically at the store etc...)  I will say they vary A LOT and I'm trying to use the most "reasonable" price I can find (that's why I adjusted from last time, I found something I thought was more realistic.)  It's not a scientific study and really just for my amusement but I want it to be a good comparison.  My stuff is almost always organic.  I do use Sevin dust or other things when I have to (rather do that then lose the whole crop) but so far this year I've only used it on the spaghetti squash which may or may not make it and early on before the fruit was forming I had to hit the tomatillos with a spray.  However, in my pricing I have not necessarily priced by "organic" prices which would be higher.

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