Thursday, July 31, 2014


A long time ago I heard a sermon about the importance of having margins.  What are margins?  Simply, it's the white space around the words in your paper.  In your life it's the white or empty space around all the important stuff you do.
no margins = stress

Life without margins is chaotic and no room for any interruption good or bad.  There is no time for impromptu ministry, fellowship or unexpected emergencies.  If one little thing happens it throws you way off balance and recovery is long.

Life with margins allows for fitting in an unplanned visit with a friend who drops by for coffee or time to make a batch of cookies to bring to someone who needs a visit.  When things do happen, such as car repairs, dr. visits etc... there is time to fit them in without making life completely miserable.

Blessed margins, room for the unexpected...
So why all this talk about margins today?  I've been reminded that people will try to stress your margins and push them in as much as you will let them.  Sometimes push with such force that you want to please them, as well as get them to stop, and cave in to their margin wrecking goals.  They don't mean to, they have their own agenda and ideas about your life and what would be best for you or your family.  But YOU know, God has already instructed you about these margins and they are best.

God doesn't want us to be so busy we can't take time for ministry, fellowship or most importantly to be intentional in teaching our children.

So what can we do with these margins?

I've been fighting to keep my margins this week and so far we've been able to: support a friend and say yes to going to see his play, my daughter and I are having a date today to go to an art show, I get to catch up on ministry to my husband and iron some shirts, my daughter got to have a friend over to just hang out, later we're working on fair projects together, and I'll be able to talk with my daughter as we leisurely get her packed and clothes labeled for camp instead of hurriedly throwing things in a bag and hoping nothing is forgotten.  Oh, and I had time to write this blog!

So plan for margins and fight to keep them!  It's worth it!

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