Saturday, August 23, 2014

3rd entry, garden in $ents

Time does fly when the summer gets busy and it's been over a month since my last update.  If you didn't catch the first two you can click the garden category at right and catch up.  The basic idea is that I'm tracking how much in dollars my garden produces.

It's been a cool summer and the worst year I've ever had for basil.  It's not growing well and turning black (just like when it gets a frost.)  I think it's the cool nights.  We've been down in the 40's some nights.  Basil LOVES and thrives in warm.  I do still have pesto in the freezer from last year, think I'll hoard that as we'll be lucky to get more this year.  (Usually I do 10-15 for the freezer.)

Well here we go, and again I'm pricing the best I can.  Oh, and I rounded some this time, tired of math...  This was as of about the 1st week of August, I'm behind on posting.
My first Eden Melon

Zucchini (.99lb)  = 12.18
Bok Choi 6oz ($1.99 a bunch) = 1.00
Swiss Chard 6oz ($1.99 bunch) = 1.00
Pea Pods 10 oz = 1.25
Raspberries 5lb 12oz =15.75
Cucumbers 9lb 6oz ($1lb) = 9.00
Cabbage 4lb 8oz (.50lb) = 3.00
Cilantro 1lb 6 oz = 3.50
Basil 4oz = $1.40
Eden Gem Melon 6 ($2ea.)= $12

So adding this (60.08) to the $69.55 thus far I have 141.63 that has been produced.  With the new things I added this year I was still 71.45 in costs more than what it had produced.  So now I'm only $11.37 of breaking even. 

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