Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting US ready for school

It is here.  The last week of summer vacation.  I know, some of you already are back, but I have always been a summer child and I guess always will be.  I want to stretch it as long as I can and we have never gone back to school before Labor Day.

Recently I wrote an article for Home and School Mosaics  titled, "Is Your House Ready for Back to School".  Well, now I'm taking some of my own advice.  You see, we do those articles a month or more ahead, so while it gets published in August I was writing it in July.  In July I certainly wasn't actually "getting" ready for school.

What are you doing to get ready?  Here's what I'm doing....

So my thinking today is about getting food in order.  That is one of the biggest things that helps me get our year off to a good start.  If I don't have a plan for dinner things go downhill.  With new schedules, classes and just getting used to everything you have to expect that things won't always go as planned.  The idea is that this week I can get my freezer stocked and have some "back ups" in case we have "one of those days".  

I don't always do this, but for September many times I even schedule what meal we'll be having when and know that I've got it either in the freezer or on hand.  Much of the time I resist this as I like to be a little more spontaneous, but to get school off to a good start it's something to consider.  To keep it simple just take a look at what you've got, or what you're making ahead and write it in on the regular calendar for the day you want to serve it.  

One of our Chickens
The other thing for me is to try and get as much of my canning done as I can and other putting up.  Today for instance I dried Cherry Tomatoes and am trying a new egg recipe that uses 16 eggs.  Why?  Well, we have Chickens.  For those of you that have chickens that is answer enough, but for the rest of you that means in the summer I have an abundance of eggs!  We currently have 15 dozen eggs in the refrigerator and the girls will collect another dozen or more today.  So my goal as part of "getting" ready for school is to do something with all these eggs.

Take a look around the house.  What do you need to get ready?  The first weeks of school are not the time to have "extra" projects around.   Get the laundry done, cart those bags sitting there off to the thrift store, and get ahead on a few blog articles if you too do that sort of thing!  

Ready or not here school comes!

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