Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thankful board

It is amazing what you can do when you get those margins in your life.  I've just had some time free up and it gave me a chance to bless my house! 

Last year in the magazine that Lowe's sends out they showed this frame with chicken wire that they had clipped "thankful" messages to.  I thought it was a cute idea and even looked at second hand and craft stores for large frames to use, but even at Good Will they wanted way more than I wanted to pay. 

The idea was still in my head and when our dishwasher died last winter and we got a new one.  This "frame" was screwed on the bottom of the dishwasher; I suppose to protect it from getting crushed in shipping.  I immediately thought, there is my "frame"!  Ever since then it's been sitting here waiting to be used.

This week I found the time.  All I did was prime and paint.  We had left over barn red paint that is on one of our living room walls and being that we own chickens we do have lots of remnants of chicken wire so all I had to do was cut to size and staple gun it on the back.

I was going to cut colored card-stock to size and allow people who live and visit here to write things they are thankful for and clip them to our board, but I found these cute "place-cards" at Hobby Lobby instead for $2.99 and on sale 40% off, so I snagged those.  The cute little close-pins were also from Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks (don't remember exactly), which I of course used a 40% coupon on.   I found the little ceramic mini "bread" pan at Christmas Tree shop to hold the cards for $1.  So for less than $6 total I have a cute little "Thankful" board to help us get ready for Thanksgiving.

It makes me happy!

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