Friday, January 30, 2015

Mystery of History IV

The year is well underway and its been a busy one.  I've not had much time to "review" what we're using this year but I'll try to catch up a bit here at least on one subject.  We are probably one of the first to use the newly released Mystery of History IV.  It has been great so far.

We started in September with the textbook and companion guide downloaded to us since the publisher was experiencing delays.  This was a bit challenging at times.  There were a few lessons I really wanted the students to have their books in class for and it just wasn't possible.  On the other hand, it came in handy with planning my syllabus to be able to switch from text to activities right on my computer and not have to have the hefty textbook with me.

Lexie doing her presentation of Civil War medicine
Thankfully though we finally got the physical book, now my girls "see" more of the pictures.  (It was a little awkward to pass around the computer screen!)

That said, we are using this in our co-op as well as at home.  We read our own lessons and have an assignment to do at home each week.  I select these ahead of time from the companion guide.  They are usually pretty close to what Linda Hobar recommends in the guide, although I sometimes "tweak" the ideas to fit our needs.  We also make a timeline card for each lesson at home on an index card.

At class we go over our timeline cards.  These should be the "highlights" of each lesson on one index card.  The students have made a timeline out of card-stock with pockets to hold the cards (we did this the first day of class.)  Most weeks we then also do the map for the week, also straight from the companion guide. Over the years I've created this method for the cards which isn't exactly like the Mystery of History books suggest but it works very well for us.  You can find my blog with a couple pictures of our timelines here.

Ariel's presentation was on Art of the Civil War
The third thing we do at class each week depends on what our homework assignment was.  The last two weeks we did our Civil War specialist presentations in class (a modification of a companion guide suggestion.)  We've done anything from card memory games, quizzes, salt dough maps, cooking, reading first source documents and discussing, watching DVDs, listening to music etc...  I love to have all the ideas in the companion guide there for you, it makes doing to class in a co-op so easy!

If you've done other Mystery of History books this will will "feel" very much like Mystery of History III in length, format and type of activities. 

For those that may be interested in MOH for a co-op I am happy to share my syllabus, only I don't have it completely done.  I will post as soon as I do but since I didn't get the entire book until December I only had the first half done to start (working on the other half this week.)  Leave me a message and I'll be happy to send you what I have or let you know when I get it all done and posted (very soon, I think!)

I was and still am thrilled that MOH IV is finally out and we are able to use it!  Highly recommend it and the whole series.  Check the history label at right for lots of other posts on history in our homeschool, many of them with Mystery of History.

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