Saturday, February 7, 2015

Going to Bless My House Today!

You know in life things get put on our plate all the time.  Many times we can just tip the plate and they can fall right off.  But other times gravy gets ladled on, it oozes all over everything and covers up the things you know God intends for you to have on your plate.  If you tip the plate to remove the gravy you lose the good things too.  It must be carefully and painstakingly removed which takes way more time than you have.

favorite place to enjoy the peace!
Seems like these last  few  weeks and even months have been a gravy season.  I can’t say the gravy is fully off the plate yet, but some mashed potato moats have been erected and I’m getting back to the items that are supposed to be on the plate in the first place.  It’s in these times that the “good” things can get neglected, and for me the one that will go first is the Home.

Like it or not, for most women their Home is supposed to be one of the main things on their plate.  Most of the time I like it, or at I at least like some of the things about the “Home” part of my plate.  I enjoy creating new decorating things for my home, making great food,  even choosing the décor and style (even if I don’t like the painting!) and yes, I do enjoy a clean orderly home!

The part I don’t seem to find time for, especially when gravy has been flowing, is the day to day upkeep and cleaning.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we’ll be featured on Hoarders anytime soon (well maybe one of the kids room, but that’s another issue) but it’s not as “refreshing” as I’d like.  I take great joy and peace in sitting down to have a cup of coffee in a clean and clutter free home.

So today my husband is off shooting for the day and I intend to Bless my House.

Bless my House?  Yes, I think it’s a term I originally found in an Elizabeth George book.  It really does change your thinking when you look at the upkeep and “chores” of housework as “blessing”.  Ultimately you are truly blessing  your family.

They will now be able to find that bill they left out in a pile somewhere, or have clean socks and underwear.  And low and behold, there are now plenty of clean towels in the bathroom closet and spoons for cereal.

I may not get it all accomplished, but I will surely succeed in several rooms, so tonight I can sit down with a cup of coffee, maybe a book , fuzzy socks and enjoy the peace and relaxation of a clean room!

Have you Blessed your House lately?

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