Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review of America the Beautiful

I picked up American the Beautiful by Ben Carson a few weeks back and have found a lot of interesting information and refreshing thoughts coming from someone who some claim could run for president.   Now that is not to say I agree 100% with everything.  My views differ quite a bit on the healthcare issue from what Carson suggests, however there is much I agree with him on.

For instance, he does a fantastic job of going over our history and what got our country where we are today.  This is interlaced with a pretty accurate assessment of our current political and economic situation.

You may notice that the picture of the cover I chose to post was in fact my own copy of America the Beautiful.  This is because I wanted to point out all the purple tags I have hanging out the side.  These my Lincoln Douglas debate friends are all sections where he points out things that I want my debate students to note about our current economic situation.  Here's just one of his thoughts that I fully support, "The Constitution is quite clear that the government has the right to tax in order to support its programs, but there is nothing in the Constitution to support redistribution of wealth."  That's probably not even the most remarkable quote, but you get the idea.  Very worth a read for those of you debating in NCFCA Lincoln Douglas this year.

Ben Carson speaks with great candor and actually has first hand knowledge of what he speaks about.  Much of the book focuses on problems of the poor and redistribution.  He grew up very poor in inter city Detroit and shares his story with his readers.

My homeschool mom friends will appreciate the huge impact his mother had on him.  She actually could not read but realized the importance of learning so when she saw her boys failing at school she required them to read a book from the public library each week and write a report.  Carson attributes this to turning him on to learning and changing his direction.  He says, "...in the beginning I sure hated reading those books.  After a while however, I actually began to look forward to them because they afforded me a fantastic escape from our everyday poverty...Every single day my knowledge of our would expanded, which excited me to no end."  He says he didn't know then that his mother couldn't read the reports he wrote but it didn't matter.

Through literature a whole word was opened to him.  Through literature he became a better speller and had inspiration to move forward.  I just love what good literature can do for people!

Anyway, I digress...  Its been a great read so far (I have a few pages left) and I highly recommend it.  If you live near Buchanan MI you may still be able to pick it up at a significant discount as well through Library Education Services.  I was able to get it off their $2 table!  Huge savings, but even if you have to pay full price I think it's worth it.

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