Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Convention season is here!

Do you love going to homeschool conventions?  Never been?  Here's my short and sweet top 10 reasons to attend!  Seriously though, it will change your homeschool for the better, just go!  Scroll down for the ones I'll be at this year; stop by and say "hi".

10.  Where else can you find such  a plethora of ROLLING CARTS?

9. Homeschool extra stuff, T-shirts, key chains, mugs etc...  You don't see this at Wal-mart!

8. You can sit down before a workshop and strike up a conversation with the stranger next to you and realize you have almost everything in common!

7. You get to see close up what's out there that you didn't know existed in the curriculum realm.

6. Your kids finding other kids, just like them!

5. Do you love to page through new books?  

4. You can find comfort and counsel with others about your book addiction.

3. Where else will your family of 4+ seem normal, or even small?

2. No where else will you find this collection of amazing speakers.

1. This is THE place for encouragement, inspiration and information for your homeschool journey!

Here's where I'll be this spring.  Stop by and say "hi" if you are attending any of these events.

March 21st      Farmington Hills, MI (Homeschoolworks)

March 27th+38     Indianapolis, IN (IAHE)

April 9-11th    Cincinnati, OH (Midwest)

May 15th +16th Lansing, MI (INCH)

May 16th Fort Wayne, IN (my kids will be at this one)

May 28th-30th Sandusky, OH (TTD)

June 4-6th Naperville, IL (ICHE)

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