Monday, March 16, 2015

Overcoming Overload Book Review

I'm not sure I've ever publicly confessed this, but I consume books!  Typically, I try not to buy a lot of books because it just is not worth the price per hour for me (not to mention the fact that I REFUSE to buy another bookcase!)  I'm an avid fan of the library.  When I do see a bargain on a book though, I will pick it up as I've always got some "snatches" of time to read.

Overcoming Overload by Steve and Mary Farrar just happened to be one of those books I took a chance on and just got to finish (due to subbing Friday and having an unexpected planning hour!)  I have to say I was not initially "wowed", but as I read on I did find some nuggets I hadn't heard before. 

The book covers much of the typical "time management", "busy life" type stuff I've read in many books and actually occasionally speak on myself, but it had some added insight that intrigued me.  They talk about King Josiah (one of my favorite stories!), William Tyndale, Edward VI and Samuel and Abigail Adams.  I love it when authors use historical examples!  What can I say, I am a homeschool mom at heart.  And they cover the sabbath rest in detail and give a wonderful, balanced perspective on it.  But the nugget I'll share with you that really nailed our society on the head and made me ponder was "non-evangelicals".

They site George Barna who differentiates "Evangelicals" and "non-evangelicals" who still refer to themselves as Evangelical.  "Barna calls these people "non-evangelicals."  But that is not how they refer to themselves.  They believe that they are Evangelicals, even though they don't accept the authority and teaching of the Bible.  Some don't believe in hell.  Some believe that God doesn't know what will happen in the future.  Others reject that Jesus is the only way to God." 

This is covered on a chapter really devoted to the sovereignty of God.  It's an excellent chapter that really delves into what believing in the sovereignty of God really means.  And, I agree with the authors, many claiming "evangelicals" miss the mark on believing in a sovereign God"And that is a very serious issue.  In fact, it is the core issue."  As I began to dwell on this concept, it is incredibility correct that is possibly THE CORE ISSUE of today's world.

I won't expound more, but suffice it to say that I do recommend reading Overcoming Overload and taking some time to dwell on the thought provoking content.

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