Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Paper Lantern Centerpieces

These were easy, inexpensive, and really cute.  I used them for the rehearsal dinner centerpieces for my sons wedding.  They are honeymooning in Japan and had an oriental theme for the wedding.  These fit right into the red/black oriental theme.  Read on for how to create these pretty lanterns.

First, a confession, I both enjoy and am incredibly frustrated by Pinterest.  You find a really cute picture of something, exactly what you need, and then try to figure out how they did it.  Once you can figure out how to trail back to the original spot where this lovely creation lives, the frustration is only intensified.  There is the picture again with zero instructions or comments on how the heck they did it!  Can anyone else feel my pain?

My daughter tells me, "It's an inspiration board Mom."  Well I guess I need a little more than inspiration.  I need the detailed instructions too.
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So for anyone else frustrated, at least with the pretty Chinese lantern centerpieces, I'd like to help you out.  I figured it out!  And here are instructions! 

Here is the original picture I found on Pinterest.  They are just paper lanterns you can get at party stores, or online with flowers poked in the first level of metal frame.  Just use wire snips and cut the stems off the flowers leaving about 1/2 inch of stem to poke through.   I hot glued mine in just to make sure they were secure.  After that all you need is a battery operated tea light.  They seemed pretty easy, except how in the world do you get them to stay standing and not roll when bumped.  They sit if you balance them right but once you attach the flowers they are top heavy.  This had me puzzled.

Tried a number of things but finally the perfect thing dawned on me.  A large mouth canning ring.  It sits perfectly and I already own a bunch,so I didn't have to buy them!

I spent about $25 to do 10 centerpieces.  The flowers and tea lights were from the Dollar store.  I found the patterned lanterns on clearance for $2.99 a pack of 3 and the plain ones on line 10 for $6 (didn't use them all.)  The 6 and 8 inch ones work best for centerpieces.

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  1. Bless you for being more than an inspiration and stepping over into motivation. :) These are really cute!