Monday, October 5, 2015

First launch successful

You know as I reflect on our oldest child getting married this past week the word "intentional" still stands out.  Were we perfect parents?  No.  Has he always been the model child? No.  Did we do the best we could and follow the direction God gave us for him?  Yes, to the best of our limited abilities I believe we did.  Again, did we do it perfectly? No, but we were diligent, we tried to be intentional.

A couple of intentional things we chose to do that stand out in regards to his marriage.

#1 We prayed.  Early on we began praying for his marriage and his future wife.  We tried to be intentional and specific.  I believe God answered those prayers in Kathleen, his bride.

#2 We taught.  Sure, we taught him God's word but beyond that we intentionally taught the things the Bible says about being a husband and father.  We did things like Bible studies, family devotions, books-like Teknon Warrior as well as trying to surround him with other Godly men to model. We went way beyond what they teach in Sunday School.

#3 We modeled.  Our kids have always known our marriage comes first.  From the time they were little they know time Mom and Dad had together was a priority.  They saw us attend marriage weekends, go on dates, take trips together, lead Bible studies together, work together and yes, even fight.   We do not have a perfect marriage, but a real marriage that we work on and our children know it.

#4 We had relationship. We had "dates".  Family dates, one-on-one dates (though as the kids got older they no longer liked to call them that!)  and plenty of family work and play vacations.  We talked, lived, worked, played and did life together.  That takes time and I thank the Lord for homeschooling, because without it I know I would not have the relationship I do with my children.

As much as we had successes we also had failures.  We were not always as consistent as we should have been but God is gracious.  Writing this I realize there are those that may do the same but yet have very different results.  It is by God's grace.  There is no magic formula.  I want to Thank God for this outcome for Logan and Kathleen.  I believe God has worked in their lives to bring them together and am excited to see what they will become and how God will use them together!

It's not over, though our relationship will change, Logan is still my son.  We will still pray, teach, model and have relationship.  But it is very rewarding to see the fruit thus far!

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