Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Speech and Debate 2016


<b>Hard</b> <b>work</b> doesn’t always go unnoticed
Well, here we go again.  Our first tournament for NCFCA starts tomorrow and this year it's a National Open.  Let me back up a bit for those of you new to our speech and debate journey.  Feel free to click the debate tab at right and see how this all got started years back.  

Our family participates in a competitive Speech and Debate league for homeschooled students called NCFCA.  It is an excellent part of our educational plan and I highly recommend it for EVERY homeschooled student.  As a parent, you will LOVE what it does for your students.  It certainly improves their speaking and confidence skills, but there are so many academic, emotional, character and relational ways it has benefited my kids as well.  But, back to the matter at hand...

This week the girls are HARD at work preparing for their events.

Yesterday we had students from our team over, helping them prepare for their events.  They have some great speeches that I am looking forward to seeing completely polished.

Today we have reserved for ourselves to get us ready to go.  The first one of the year is always the hardest.  We've got bags to pack, food to bring, a car that we're hoping gets fixes in time, food for the guys staying home, and that doesn't even count the event stuff.  That would be printing the scripts, filling out script submission forms, finishing art boards (why did Ariel do THAT category again!?!?) and gathering supplies (like sticky notes, pens, binders etc.)

What I will say is that they really are working hard.  I will also say that I see so much improvement this year, as I do every year,  but this year especially.  Each year they improve, but somehow as they get better and better it gets more noticeable.  Lexie especially this year seems to have found her stride.  She just seems like a natural and is really enjoying it.  Ariel continues to to hone her skill, but at this point for her it's little and subtle, but noticeable to Mom!

So, I'd like to applaud not only my girls, but all the other kids in the league who are working hard and doing the right things.  We often give praise to those who "break" (make it to out rounds) or do well, but we can't always control the outcome.  We can control how much we put into it.  Do what you know you need to do and I believe God will reward you.  God may not reward you in the way you hope or expect, but look for it, He will.

I do hope, and I know, we will have great news of accomplishments over the season.  We have no idea if our girls will do well at this tournament, but they have been preparing to do so and I do pray they will be rewarded for their efforts.

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