Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Times have changed

I'm ready for another season!
As I'm headed into convention season this year, it is abundantly clear much has changed!
 #1 With 4 kids in our homeschool I typically had a "list" of things to buy, to think about and best prices.  ~ this year, no list, one thing to possibly buy and nothing I'm considering.  Next year we'll be down to ONE.

#2 With one convention aside (before I started representing Total Language Plus), conventions have always been a combination of work, shopping and encouragement for me (probably in that order.)  ~ Now it tends to be work, seeing and connecting with friends we've made and encouraging just about every mom I come into contact with that they can make it!
My hard working daughter, Ariel!

My other hardworking daughter, Lexie.

#3 It used to be a big deal to get everything and everyone ready to go. ~ We've been doing this so long now it's like second nature.  That, plus the fact that debate tournaments make working conventions seem like a piece of cake, puts it into a different perspective.  

#4 The kids used to love going to hotels, always had to make sure it had a pool! ~ Now, they are so used to hotels and eating out (which used to be a huge treat) we never go to the pool (if the hotel has one) and sometimes we'll find a grocery store to buy food because we are tired of eating out.

So what hasn't changed?

*I'm so blessed to have a business where my family travels with me.  We have so many memories, in so many cities over the years.

*I'm so blessed to have connected (and connected my kids with) so many great people, customers and other vendors over the years.  It is an amazing community to be a part of.

*I am blessed to have the best customers in the world!  Homeschool families are kind, loving, caring, enthusiastic, honest customers that I have so loved.

So whether you've never attended a homeschool convention, or your on your 200th I encourage you to love every minute of it, it's a special place to be!

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