Friday, June 10, 2016

Master Book Pre-Med review

Lexie was very excited to start this year of Pre-med with Master Books.   This course is a 10-12 grade full Science credit.  This is a very rigorous and certainly high level high school science course.  Overall we were pleased and I would recommend it.

This was a subject that my daughter was very interested in doing.  As she went her interest began to wain.  I think there were two reasons for this.  First, this was much more of a "textbook" course than we typically do.  If you've read much on my blog you already know that we are a very eclectic, hands-on, multi-age type of family.  We simply don't do or enjoy many "textbooks".  That being said, in high school there isn't always as much "flexibility", so we knew going in that this was more textbook than we were used to. 
cow eye dissection

What do I mean by textbook?  Well, it has textbook style reading, then quizzes and tests.  Hands-on things are not necessarily included, though there are a couple suggestions.  We added a strawberry DNA experiment, mold growing (okay we attempted), tadpole growing, and two dissections (a cow eye and sheep heart.) When you look at the lesson plan it's pretty clear where these hands-on things would fit.

Second reason her enthusiasm faded was that it WAS difficult.  The terminology, concepts and subject matter are not easy.  This is good.  It is a rigorous course and leaves her with a great background to make me feel confident that she'll be prepared for college science courses.  Was it necessarily what she wanted? No.  She prefers "fun" learning and felt a lot of it she memorized and learned just to pass a test.  I don't necessarily disagree with her, but still felt it gave her good "exposure" that will come back to her when she studies in college even if it wasn't "mastered" now.

It actually contains 4 separate units or books.  Lexie enjoyed  The History of Medicine the most.  The other books are: Body by Design, Genesis of Germs, and Building Blocks of Life Science.Advanced Pre-Med Studies (Curriculum Pack)

We really are liking all the relatively "new" science curriculum that Master Books is putting out.  In fact, Lexie is planning on doing there Natural Science next year.  Stay tuned for a preview to come soon.

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