Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Understanding Geometry by Critical Thinking review

It is finished, finally!  Took us longer than we originally planned, but Lexie has finally completed her Geometry course.  We used Understand Geometry by Critical Thinking Company.  $36.99 
Understanding Geometry

My goal was for this to be a "not too taxing" course to help instill confidence in math skills again after a poor choice for Algebra I that left my daughter less than confident.  Did it work?  Short answer, not as well as I would have liked.  It was "ok".

It was not "too difficult", so in that I was pleased.  The biggest problem I had was that it asked things it had not talked about, and really assumed you could dream up the answer.  It would then go on in subsequent pages (usually) to get into the concept and teach it, but at first it expected you to "get" what you were supposed to do.  Maybe this is supposed to be the "thinking" skill building, but for us it just built frustration.

Most of the time we either looked in the answer key to see what in the world they were getting at, or just skipped the "dream" up the answer exercise and went on to where it actually explained things.

There are no tests so you'll have to supplement if you want that.  It does not have LOTS of reinforcement or practice.  We knew that going in and was what we wanted.  We had just come off a curriculum with WAY too much busy work and wanted something more bare bones.

It does get into proofs.  I don't feel she solidly can do any proof, but my goal was just some exposure and basic understanding, not necessarily mastery and I think we got that.

So bottom line, would I recommend it?  Maybe.

If you're looking for exposure, and "covering" your Geometry basis this might do the trick, IF you can deal with the pages that want you to basically think up what they are getting at (usually a formula or something you're supposed to "discover" using thinking skills with little clue.)  This was extremely frustrating, and knowing what I know now, I'd just skip these pages.

Lexie is incredibly glad she's done with it!

On to Algebra II for next year.  Math has been one of the most frustrating subjects for us the last 2-3 years, SO I have spent more than I EVER have on any single subject curriculum for next year's Algebra II.  A review will be forthcoming....stay tuned!

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