Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What to do with 20lbs of chicken

I don't know about you, but my favorite thing in the summer is NOT cooking.  I love to quick easy meals to have "planned" ahead.  Today, thanks to a great sale on boneless skinless chicken breasts, I'll have many "planned" options to chose from in the lazy summer days ahead.

So what does 20lbs of prepared chicken look like?  Well, it certainly looks different for me at different times of year.  In the winter it would probably be chicken chili, chicken spaghetti and chicken N dumplings.  This time though I opted for a more summer friendly plan.

For the first time however my bagged up plans "look" a little different.  You see, I've always packed meals for 5-6 people but this summer will be different.  Two of our kids will be at camp all summer, and our oldest got married and moved out last fall.  That will leave us with 3 eating dinner most of the time.  It seems a bit strange after so many years of 6!

I bagged up marinated chicken breast for the grill, fajita packs to pop on a skillet and one bag of seared cooked shredded chicken to make deep dish Alfredo chicken pizza.  Okay, that last one will actually require some prep and heating the oven, but it's a splurge special dish maybe for when the kids come home to visit from camp, 

The other two are easy.  The marinated chicken for the grill is simply portion sized breasts with bottled Italian dressing poured over them.  The fajita packs are strips of chicken breast bagged with sliced peppers (green/red and yellow) and onions.  In these packs I shake about 1 T. of cumin and 1T. of chili powder.  On the day you make it just cook in a skillet till the chicken is done and serve on tortillas; pretty simple!

So for about $28 in chicken I have about 8 meals ready to go plus our chicken which is on the grill as we speak (well, type actually, LOL.)  Took me about 1 to 1 1/2 hours to get it all prepared.  I wasn't exactly keeping track, as I also was prepping BBQ drumsticks and Italian sausage which I turned into 3 egg casseroles, and a couple bags cooked for pizza topping.

It's a great way to go.  If you've fallen off the freezer wagon, get back on.  If you've never tried it there is no time like this week;  Ideas, questions?  Ask and comment away!

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