Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What we're using this year

Cannot believe this will be the shortest "what we're using this year" entry I think I've ever written.  Each year I have traditionally done a blog on the curriculum we'll be using over the year.  Usually, as the year goes, you can expect to see some entries highlighting how those choices are going.  With only one child left in our homeschool, it's a shorter list this year!

Now Lexie is "kind of" a Junior/Senior this year.  She had started school when she was 4, because well, we homeschool, and we can.  With all of her siblings doing school, it was just easier and she was anxious and ready.  Over the years, it made Ariel and Lexie only one grade apart so we were able to most things "together".  Because of this, Lexie is really about done with her high school requirements.  Though she is almost "done" we have decided to not graduate her this year.

Why?  Well, simply, we don't want to penalize her or our family for finishing early.  You see, she can take advantage of early college and early college pricing UNTIL she graduates.  Yes, I could have started her early college last year, but I felt a 15 year old in class with 21 year olds was too huge a difference.  She also would lose a year of competition in speech and debate by graduating early.  So, she will graduate when she would have if we had her in public school.  Not late, on time, but giving us lots of flexibility for her senior "flex" year.  One of the benefits of homeschooling, again!

So what will we use for the little bit we are doing at home this year?

Scarlet Pimpernel (The) NovelFor Language Arts:  We will be doing some Total Language Plus as well as studying and testing for the CLEP composition test.  Typically we also count part of her speech and debate as some of her English credit.  She plans to write, script and perform several speeches as well as write and research both affirmative and negative debate cases.  We are likely to do The Scarlet Pimpernel, To Kill a Mockingbird and American Literature Short Stories Total Language Plus guides.
Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 Complete Set, Version 2.0  -     By: Greg Sabouri, Shawn Sabouri
For Math:  I finally did it, I broke down and spent WAY too much for a math curriculum!  We had nothing else to "buy" this year so the funds were available and I'm honestly tired of teaching math (after 4 kids!)  It's my least favorite subject to teach.  We have used Math Tudor DVD and I do still like them, BUT they do involve a little of me go over it and to watching it with them.  My hope is that with Teaching Textbooks Algebra II I will not have to be involved and she can "get it" herself.  I've done a few lessons and I think it will work that way.  Stay tuned and I'll "let you know".  For $180 my expectations are HIGH!

Living Fossils, Volume 2: Evolution, the Grand Experiment  -     By: Dr. Carl Werner
 For Science: We were very pleased with Master books Pre-Med we did last year, so Lex took a look at what else was offered.  She chose Master Books Life Science which has a lot of fossils, geology, and creation science in it.  It will be very different than what she has done these last two years and looks to be MUCH easier (pre-med was quite challenging!)  It will be a nice "break" for her as she'll be starting college and may need to focus her attention there.  We are not using (nor did we purchase) the video's, just the books.  We had actually purchased this the year before not realizing her pre-med was going to take longer than we thought, so it was waiting and ready to go!

Speech and Debate:  We'll be doing a speech class in our co-op where we'll prepare and present one platform, one literature interpretation and one illustrated speech.  This will help her get her speeches ready for our competition season.  She'll also participate in a skype debate club where she'll have assignments and get/give feedback with other students bi-weekly via the computer.  And of course we'll participate in several speech and debate competitions with NCFCA.  

What else?

Lexie is excited to be enrolled in Bethel College's Reach program for high school students.  She'll be able to take 2 classes this fall.  We can't register until later in August and I know from past experience with my other kids that many times the ones you want aren't available by that time, but she has a list of 4-5 she'd like to take, so we'll see what she can get.  

And, that's enough! 

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