Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First day of school post

Lex's college this year
My facebook feed has been flooded with "first day of school" pictures, as I bet yours has too.  Being the eclectic homeschoolers we are, we never really did "first" day pictures.  Somewhere in the archives I have Logan's first day of public school pictures, not once, but 3 times.  The poor kid; the year he started school they delayed the first day due to "boiler" problems, if I remember correctly.  He was so excited the first day, but by the 3rd I think he was wondering if it was really ever going to happen.

Ariel's college this year
Once we started homeschooling I think we may have taken one or two pictures, it was never really our tradition though.  I actually thought about it this year, as my youngest started her "first day of college", which is sort of her first day of "traditional" school ever.  From the car, I tried to snap a picture of her walking away to the academic building, but her sister who was driving pulled out too fast and all I got was a blur;  Oh well.

So what was our first day of school like?  We spent a lot of time in the car, and I'm not kidding when I say A LOT!  We were down two cars, so I was transporting 3 for all their work and school needs.  That kept me pretty busy.

The upside...I got to hear about some of their new classes that they are doing without me!  I always know pretty much ALL about their classes up till college.  Each of the girls had some high (and low) points of their first day (or days in Lexie's case, as Bethel started last week.)  I was glad each of them had something that seemed a least a little exciting to them.  Neither of them have been really into starting school this year.

Now our first day of "school at home" probably should be today, but really isn't.  Lex has homework to do for Bethel and we need to take Ariel out to drive in preparation for her test on Friday.  We did however have speech class at co-op this morning, so that counts, right!? (Yes, it absolutely does, and it was a fabulous first speech class by the way!)  The rest of our "at home" stuff (Algebra II, Science and Language Arts) will have to wait to start till Friday.  And really the Language Arts will probably be letting Lexie write her speech, as that's what she's excited about right now and I need to capture that till it's gone.

So remember the "flexible" thing.  Read my previous post if you don't.  If your first day or first week isn't going as planned it's okay.  Just adjust and move on.  And, take a picture if you want, but if you don't that's OKAY too!

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