Friday, September 2, 2016

When life derails your plans

As a homeschool Mom, summer is my time to get things accomplished!  Believe it or not, typically I do get quite a bit accomplished, but not this year.  It was the beginning of the summer and I considered all the possibilities for my summer; re-doing the guest room, finishing my office, my garden of course, working on my Little Learners curriculum, losing a few more pounds, increasing my work-outs and probably a few more things I discarded.  I narrowed my list and put it on my chalkboard.  Once I write it out I'm usually pretty good at accomplishing "most" of what I set out to do.

Then my plans slowly got derailed.  Starting June 6th my leg started giving me issues.  Turning a really long story into a short one, I ended up with knee surgery about 12 days ago.  I was looking forward to being "back to normal" about now, or within a few weeks, but it's not looking like that will happen either.  Surgery didn't fix it,and nothing can be done for at least "awhile".  This means probably months not weeks until I can do what I need to do again.

That's my story, but I'm sure most of you can relate.  Maybe it's bed red for a pregnancy, chicken pox that goes through all 4 kids ONE AT A TIME for 2 months straight, a loved one with a serious illness, an injury with long hospital stays, or something else.  These things keep us not only from doing the thing we WANT to accomplish but even make the daily things we NEED to do to live difficult.

So what to do?  

Now summer is over, school is supposed to start and HOW in the world is THAT going to happen?

Here's what I'm trying to do:

1) Let go of expectations- It was probably a month ago I had to let go of getting what I wanted to accomplish this summer.  Modify if you can.  Not being able to walk well, I can't do much, but I did manage to get curtains made for my office.  This was only one of several things I wanted to do for my office this summer, but I'm trying to be thankful for the little I could do.
Window curtain for office, turned out cute I think

This is so much easier said than done, as once again I had some expectations which had already been modified for fall that will need to be modified yet again.  

Curtains over office closet opening

2) Remaining flexible-Try not to make plans very far into the future.  Take it a day, or week at a time.  If you're not sure you you'll be able to do it, don't commit.  For instance, I was just asked to give a workshop for an up coming Women's retreat.  One of the topics I have lots of information for and it won't be much of a big deal to put together. The other topic they had asked me about would have taken me more time and energy (and involving standing to try out recipes and such) so I knew I needed to say no.   I'm doing one that I should be able to handle, but not the other. 

3) Enlist and take help-This one can be hard, but sometimes you have to ask.  We had a family meeting of sorts a few nights ago and had to really lay out for the kids that we need some help.  There are things I can do, but they all take me longer and exhaust me.  Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you should.  Save some energy for other things and farm out the chores, errands etc. that you can.

4) Think outside the box- Sometimes there can still be a way you can accomplish something you need to do, just differently.  For example, walking through stores to shop is taxing on me right now.  Yesterday, I sent my girls in for a few items and waited in the car.  They can use my card at the self check with no problem.  My energy was conserved and we accomplished what we needed to.  It's not normally what we'd do but it works.

Maybe you can't accomplish all the school you wanted and need to let go of some electives, but your kids are helping with cooking, cleaning and meal prep.  I think they just did Home Ec this term!  Or are your olders teaching and caring for your youngers a lot?  Student teaching can be put on a transcript!  Be creative.

Remember that whatever is derailing you wasn't in your plan, but God knew.  I have no idea why I'm going through this, but God does.  The famous verse from Jeremiah 29 tells us that God has a plan and a hope for the future.  My hope is in the future.  This too shall pass.  When it does I will be so thankful. 

I am frustrated, no denial there.  But I'm getting pretty good with crutches, so I'm trying to look at it as gaining a skill!  Take joy in the little things you can still accomplish and try to have joy in the journey, frustrating as the journey sometimes is!


  1. Well said!! Life is so much more joyful when we realize we are not in charge and we can accept whatever God gives us knowing that He is good and that we have no need to worry. He loves us so and as children of the King nothing in this life can hurt us. :)

  2. Yikes Gina!!! Praying that they figure out what is going on and you heal quick so that you can get back to the many things you have to do.

  3. Thanks, just an update....still trying to plug along. Have had some set-backs, still in physical therapy and searching and trying non-surgical options.