Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Immune boost time!

Seems like everywhere you look people are coming down with the flu, strep or colds lately.  Winter seems to be the season for it.  My own daughter has been down for about a week and thankfully she's doing better and seems to be almost through it now.  She started to give it to me, but I knew to take protective measures.
Echinacea, part of immune boost

As soon as my throat starts to feel sore, I start with my tinctures.  Can I prove that I would have gotten really sick? No, but I did start the tinctures right away and "so far" I haven't got it.  On top of that, my throat isn't sore anymore!  Now if my daughter would learn to listen to me and start taking the tinctures AS SOON as she starts to feel symptoms we'd all be better for it!

This time what I used was my sore throat tincture and immune boost tincture.  Like most of the things I use, I took 3 droppers full, 3X a day (when I remembered!)  Also, I try to continue it several days after I feel like the symptoms are gone.

If you've never made a tincture before, check out these instructions in my entry on Yarrow, and if you need to order dried herbs I would recommend Bulk Herb Store.  The time to make them is BEFORE you need them, so start now and have them on hand.

Here are my "recipes":

Immune Boost Tincture
Echinacea Flower and root

For the sore throat one, I'll warn you it has a lot of different herbs.  I was determined one year to get something to help with sore throats.  I did a lot of reading and looking at different "recipes" and combined several from herbs I had on hand.  If you don't have one or two, I'd put it to brewing anyway.  All of these are helpful for sore throats.  (I've used this one a lot, at the twinge of a sore throat I start it...especially if someone around has had strep!)

Sore Throat Tincture
Marshmallow Root
Slippery Elm
Blackberry Leaf
Red Clover
Bee Balm 

*As always, please take the advice and use at your own risk. Please check for yourself on any precautions for any particular herb. I am not advising others on what to do only sharing what has worked for me in my experience.  I am not a medical doctor and am not giving medical advise.

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