Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Going to She Speaks!

Many times most of us moms get so busy taking care of everything and everyone that we don't get much time for ourselves.  This week I'm taking that time and attending the She Speaks conference in North Carolina.  Can't wait!  

I was talking with my husband yesterday and we were discussing how long it's been since I did something like this for just little old me.  It's been awhile!  I'm pretty sure it's been since before I started representing TLP (which was over 10 years ago),  I think.  The last time I went to any kind of conference was Hearts at Home which sadly no longer exists.  

This women's conference is designed for Christian speakers and writers.  I've been writing, blogging and speaking for years.  These women do websites, blogs, prepare workshops, do marketing and more!  Just like me.  It's been pretty cool already to have a group of people to ask what they recommend for certain techie kind of things.  I have some knowledge, but I'm mostly self taught and you know what they say about "a little knowledge".

So, after years of checking this out only to find out the registration was full or that there was no way I could afford it, I'm finally going!  So those of you reading this may benefit, I just might learn something!  I'm planning on soaking in a lot of wonderful teaching.  I do also have a publisher appointment, as well as one with an agent and marketing people.  You can pray God's favor for me if you would.

And yes, I am writing/wrote a book.  It's "almost" done!  It's amazing how a deadline can make you incredibility productive!  I've gotten so much done in the last two weeks leading up to this conference.

So, if you didn't know, I write and speak You can check out my speaker site at Gina Reynolds.  My topics and schedule are there. I have homeschool and general interest topics.  I'd love to speak to your group.  Check it out!

And, I'm writing and video blogging more.  Check out So DO able for great God centered ideas for women who need their busy lives to be "do able"!  I'm hoping to enjoy connecting with you over there. I have a lot more interactive things planned, as well as some free pdf resources for you!  

If you get a chance to get some time for yourself, jump.  Don't wait 10 years, but do it now if you can.  I'll let you know how it goes....

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