Monday, July 10, 2017

Have you covered poetry yet?

Poetry is often one of those things that gets overlooked.  Now is a great time to make sure you have all your basis covered and introduce your middle and high school grades (if you haven't already) to the world of poetry!

It's an even better time too, as our FOCUS GUIDE sale will start soon!  Be sure to like my fb page, Gina's Total Language Plus to get the full details and then plan to order from my new site,!  The Total Language Plus focus guide for Out of the Dust is a wonderful, quick and easy way to expose your student to poetry.

Like all the TLP focus guides, it contains approximately 3 weeks worth of work.  (Perfect for August, to get your student into the groove of school again!)  It's laid out in a grid for you just like all the TLP guides.  Step, by step it walks you through what to do on what day.

The book, Out of the Dust is actually written as a series of free verse or blank verse poems, but reads like a story.  As you go through the guide, you will analyze the poems while learning about terminology key to poetry.  These are things like alliteration, meter, prose, consonance, trochee and more. You'll also be challenged to write and share your own poetry!

Out of the Dust is a wonderful story set in the Dust Bowl.  It would make a great addition to your study of the 1930's.  Our story follows Billie Jo and her family as bad things continue to happen to her during this devastating time in American history.  From crop failures, to deaths, to accidents you'll see how Billie Jo and her father learn to cope and even learn to repair their relationship and have hope again.

Yes, you might cry.  I did.  It's so good.  Anytime a book can create enough emotion to make a reader "feel" it that deeply, it's a good book!

Don't need to do poetry?  Check out the many other focus guides.  We've got ones on report writing, the five step writing process, essays and more!  Go to for a complete selection.  And if you've already done this one, your high school might enjoy delving further into the world of Poetry with the TLP American Literature guide on poetry.  Also available on 

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