Saturday, February 3, 2018

VIPKID, my new gig

Okay, well it's actually not so new.  I just signed my 3rd contract with VIPKID this morning which means I've been with them a year.  It's been a really good fit for me and a natural transition from homeschool teacher to online teacher.

Ready for class just before Christmas in my "home" classroom!
So what is this VIPKID thing?  It's teaching students from China English over your computer.  They are about 12-13 hours ahead of us so when I teach in the morning it is the evening for them.  The lessons are all one on one and the students chose their teachers from information you supply about yourself.  Each lesson is all prepared for you, you just work through it with the student.  It's similar to a Skype type screen.  You have a "chat" box function and you see your student and they see you.  There is also a box which shows their lesson (think power point type thing) which you click through.

After homeschooling my own 4 children I was pretty proficient at phonics so it was a super easy transition.  Think of it like teaching K-2nd grade language arts.  

So the beauty of it for me has been staying home! My last self employment venture had me traveling a lot.  I enjoyed it, but it's good to do something from home.  Some days I don't leave the house and that has been really nice.  In past years I'd be running to the post office a few times a week, which really didn't seem like a big deal, but now that I don't I realize it was a bigger deal than I thought!

The other part I've REALLY enjoyed is not marketing!  For many, many, many years I've done things where in one way or another I've had to network and market myself, my skills, my product and yes, I was pretty good at it.  Again, it wasn't a real big deal I thought....  Blogging, content creation, networking, workshop creation, website management and more really does consume a ton of time!  I am enjoying NOT doing many of these things.  I was surprised at how much I'm enjoying NOT having a strong internet presence.

Are you craving to do something from home?  Be self employed?  Have flexibility?  Being your own boss is great.  I've had several successful businesses which allowed me to stay home with my kids, homeschool and make an income.  I'm grateful.
"me" teaching

If you're interested in checking out VIPKID I'd love to help you.  You do need a four year degree, but it doesn't have to be in Education.  You do need teaching experience, but teaching your own children counts!  (So do co-ops, Sunday school etc.) They are very selective on who they hire, but if you don't check it out you'll never know!  I do get a referral incentive if you sign up with my link so I appreciate you checking it out.  If you have any questions let me know, I'm happy to help!

So, I don't know what the future holds.  Will I go back to driving some of these on line endeavors?  Who knows?  But for now I'm not in a hurry to!  I tend to be pretty driven and maybe it will resurface, but then again maybe not?

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